Our GOAL is to offer safer, potent but more affordable, preventive, therapeutic and food supplement products by complying with Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We provide the highest standards for all our finished products. We also believe that good engineering practices make for good manufacturing practices.

At NTBI, nature and technology come together to ensure quality and affordability. We believe that Good Engineering Practices (GEP) make for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our Vision

To be a globally competitive and highly reliable manufacturing
and analytical research and development company in the field
of veterinary and human biopharmaceuticals.

and finally ..

To help protect and conserve the environment through the use of appropriate technologies and machineries in the proper manufacturing process.

Our Services

We take pride with the quality of our finished products, complemented with good service as we have the capability to sustain the pharmaceutical industry for the following requirements:

  • Nutraceuticals (dietary and/or food supplements and isolated nutrients)
  • Veterinary Biologics (vaccines, blood component and recombinant therapeutic protein)
  • Pharmaceuticals (drug therapeutics and supplements for human and veterinary as oral in liquid, solid and powder dosage forms; and as veterinary parenteral products).
We are continuously exploring and developing new products, adding innovations to existing products that are appropriate responses to the changing needs of the human and veterinary nutraceutical industries, while bearing in mind two essential dimensions: Quality and Affordability.

Separate facilities are in place for the production of products and services for human consumption (liquid and solid dosages) and veterinary (liquid and solid dosages, cosmetics, powders).

Quality-By-Design (QBD) is implemented right at the conception of the new idea for product development ensuring elimination of in-process problems that may occur along the actual processes.

Some herbal plants are nurtured within the facility.


We are on the lookout for dedicated professionals who want to grow right along with us. If you think you’re goal-oriented, hardworking and can work as a team, please check the available positions and send your resume to We will respond only to applicants who meet our standards.


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