Our Services

We take pride with the quality of our finished products, complemented with good service as we have the capability to sustain the pharmaceutical industry for the following requirements:

  • Nutraceuticals (dietary and/or food supplements and isolated nutrients)
  • Veterinary Biologics (vaccines, blood component and recombinant therapeutic protein)
  • Pharmaceuticals (drug therapeutics and supplements for human and veterinary as oral in liquid, solid and powder dosage forms; and as veterinary parenteral products)

Veterinary Biologics

  • Customized bacterin
  • Locally isolated organism used for production of commercially available vaccines for livestock
  • Technical and Extension services for clients
    • Environmental and Microbiological Monitoring
    • Immunological Assessment of Flocks
    • Technical Seminars and Assistance in farm-based clients
  • Analytical Research and Development of biological active compounds for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases
    • Probiotics